Nutrition: Science and Health

All Party Parliamentary Group

An APPG for parliamentarians interested in evidence-based nutritional science


The Nutrition Society invites interested MPs and members of the House of Lords to become founding members of a new All Party Parliamentary Group for Nutrition: Science and Health.


For the past 80 years, the Society has been at the forefront of advancing the scientific study of nutrition, and its application to the maintenance of human and animal health, and believes it is now the optimum moment to launch an APPG.


This APPG is unique in its evidence-based programme. The Nutrition Society will be underwriting and providing secretariat support, thus this APPG poses no financial conflict of interest and requires no membership fee. It will take a holistic, ‘one health’ approach to nutritional science, and post-meeting reports with policy recommendations will be provided after each meeting.

Aims & Objectives

This APPG aims to raise parliamentary awareness and stimulate informed debate around regional, national & global nutrition issues; and to champion nutrition science to support evidence-based policymaking in areas surrounding nutrition and health challenges

Deliver a reactive, proactive and collaborative programme of events, to aid parliamentarians decision-making processes

Issues will include, but are not limited to, disease prevention, healthy ageing, food security, sustainable diets, animal nutrition, education and training.

Provide MPs with evidence based nutritional knowledge and guide how MPs can use this in their constituencies

Provide a space for informed discussion between parliamentarians and industry through emphasising the need for evidence-based nutrition in a range of policy areas

Supporting Organisations

The Nutrition Society Logo

The Nutrition Society

This APPG is fully-funded by The Nutrition Society, who provide the secretariat for this group.

Publications - reports & inquiries

This APPG periodically produces reports examining the nutrition landscape in UK government.

Post-meeting reports with policy recommendations will be provided after each meeting of the APPG.

If you have any questions regarding our publications, please email


Contact us

If you would like to register your interest, become a founding member, or have any questions, please contact The Nutrition Society via the form below.